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Kavita Verma Mua Artist and Academy is equipped with trained and skilled professionals. Our ultimate aim is to achieve maximum level of client and student’s satisfaction. Makeup studio and academy in Delhi NCR
KAVITA VERMA MUA ACADEMY AND STUDIO is a celebrity make studio and running successfully all over DELHI, NCR. Kavita Verma Mua personally believes in giving quality services rather than faking it and comparing with others. Simple engagement makeup look
Our academy provides professional makeup courses in makeup, hair and nails. We welcome such students who want to acquire skills to excel in this field. No matter what your end goal is, whether it is to become a freelance makeup artist, or for commercial or private, we always look forward to one of your skills and work hard to bring the best out of you. Our curriculum is far beyond what you would see and learn from a video or a tutorial online or even by sitting in a session for hours.


The mission of KAVITA VERMA MUA ACADEMY AND STUDIO is to provide best makeup services to our clients  and professional training to our students , an opportunity for them to learn and develop their skills to stand out from the crowd. we train our students in such a way that their skills could help  them to become successful in makeup and beauty industry.
In return what we expect from our clients is to maintain respectful behavior in our academy and corporate with our team. Makeup studio and academy in Delhi NCR

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